Candle Arches

German candle arch, Nativity scene, length 80 cm / 31 inch, natural, electrically illuminated, original Erzgebirge by Richard Glaesser Seiffen

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Candle Arches
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Richard Glässer Seiffen

The candle arch has been part of the Erzgebirge Christmas as a festival of lights for more than 250 years. The first candle arch was made by blacksmith Johann Teller in Johanngeorgenstadt as a wrought-iron work in 1726. The form of the arch goes back to the Erzgebirge mining tradition. For their last shift before Christmas, miners hung their lamps around the outline of the mine entrance, so the lights formed an arch. The cloud motif that can be seen on many of our candle arches and the patented inside illumination are distinct features of products from our workshop.
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Manufacturer Richard Glässer Seiffen
Weight gross:12 kg
Height:40 cm/15.7 inch
Width:80 cm/31.5 inch
Depth:23 cm/9.1 inch
Richard Glässer Seiffen

The company was founded in 1932 by Richard Glaesser in Seiffen in the German Erzgebirge. The company manufactures traditional Christmas decorations from Seiffen, like Christmas pyramids, candle arches, smokers and nutcrackers. Richard Glaesser paid particular attention that his products are of the highest quality and that his figures have a friendly appearance. Figures from the Christmas story, fairy tales, as well as miners and angels from our mining traditions were used on Christmas pyramids and candle holders. Especially popular motifs are from the Christian Christmas story, from fairy tales and children's books, but also miners in our mining tradition. The Glaesser company is a significant of pyramid manufacturer. Particularly well known are the blue pyramids with gates of heaven, the advent houses or the six and eight sided terraced pyramids.

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